The World’s Greatest Musical Prodigies

November 11, 2011

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In this fantastic documentary, Channel 4 follows former musical child prodigy Alexander Prior, who is now a young composer and conductor, travel through the US and China to find great young musical prodigies to perform his composition in England.

In Episode 1, Alex travels to Miami and meets outstanding young violinists and cellists.

The World’s Greatest Musical Prodigies, Series One, Episode 1

In Episode 2, Alex travels to Shanghai to find the perfect young pianist. This Episode gives a great insight into the Chinese way of pushing children to become musical prodigies. Alex goes to great length to find children who love music, rather than those who are merely forced to practice all day by their parents

The World’s Greatest Musical Prodigies, Series One, Episode 2

In Episode 3, these amazing young children practice and perform together and you can observe how Alex Prior brings out the best in them.

The World’s Greatest Musical Prodigies, Series One, Episode 3

I went to their performance in London and was impressed by all of them. Simone Porter was incredible. You could also see how the young geniuses looked up to Alex as their role model. They worked beautifully together. Michael Province and Nathan Chan are very original characters as well, and it’s impressive to watch how Alex brought the best out of the 10 year old pianist Zhang Xiaoming.

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