Alma Deutscher – a 7 year old music prodigy

November 21, 2012

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The press loves to hype up music prodigies – the younger the better – who can play incredibly well at a young age. But Alma Deutscher is different. She doesn’t just play – she composes beautiful music herself. She is a homeschooled 7 year old living in Surrey – conveniently placed close to the Yehudi Menuhin School. Her parents are Israeli academics at Oxford University who develop her musical talent. I found this one piano piece composed by her that I absolutely love. It is very beautiful and calm and I could listen to it all day. You can see more of her compositions as well as her performances of classical piece on her youtube channel.

Enjoy! Let me know if you like it! The link below gives you the option of scrolling through several of her compositions. My favourite is the Sonata in E-flat, Fantasia II.

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