Five activities that always make my baby laugh

November 1, 2013

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As my little baby grows up and develops so quickly, I have been thinking a lot recently about how the time is passing by and how I can hold on to these precious moment. I know I can’t, of course, but I really want to capture and enjoy these moments. I got slightly sentimental when I read one mother’s post on the brillkids forum (“2 years of Early Learning and not working this time”), as it reminded me how important it is to prioritise enjoying your time with your baby and for the baby to have fun, rather than just spending the day together with some distant motive like learning to read or getting ahead in life. It made me contemplate if I prioritise hearing my baby’s laughter as much as doing learning activities with her, and I focused on making her laugh from then on. Glenn Doman says if mum and baby are not having fun together, something is wrong in the learning process, and I subscribe to that!

Here is a list of five activities that almost always make my baby laugh, unless she is very tired or sick:

  1. Playing peekaboo. In fact, she prefers to do this herself. I just need to put a small towel, sheet or t-shirt in front of her and she will pull it over her face and laugh
  2. Chasing. When she is either walking or crawling off into an unknown direction, I get on the floor crawling behind her as if she was running away and shout “hey! cheeky monkey! where are you going? come back!”, then she accelerates and runs or crawls at high speed giggling happily
  3. Kissing her feet or tummy. My daughter gets very upset when I put her down to change her nappy, so one way to cheer her up immediately is to kiss her feet, this makes her giggle and laugh heavily. Below is a video of my daughter laughing while I kiss her feet.
  4. Give and take. My daughter is very proud when she finds exciting things on the floor like a sock or a sticker, then she picks it up proudly and brings them to me with a big smile. When she sits down, I take it from her, she takes it back, and then I pretend she stole it from me and say “hey! give it back!” and snatch it back from her hand, and she laughs.
  5. Hiding under the blanket. This is a game my elder daughter loved that I thought would scare the baby, but even at about 6 months she loved this. We sit in bed together and pretend the big bad wolf or a bear is coming, we pull the blanket over our heads and say “shh!! the bear is coming!”, when he doesn’t come, we shout “you can’t catch me!” and wait again. Every time the blanket is over her head my baby starts laughing and gets very excited.

Maybe I have a particularly happy baby, you can see I really don’t need to do anything sophisticated to get her to laugh. But it’s important to know your baby well enough that you can pull these tricks any time you feel your are down or your baby is bored and both of you might need to cheer up. Since I have focused on this more consciously and made sure never to let a whole morning or afternoon pass without hearing her laughter, I am enjoying our days much more. Baby laughter is the best, and when they grow up, their laughter will never sound like this again. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts:

Baby laughing

Baby laughing

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