Schubert piano impromptu op. 90

May 23, 2014

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Schubert’s piano piece impromptu op. 90 is currently my favourite piano piece. It has a lot of emotional depth and I love the changes in rhythm, tone and intensity. It is a piece that requires much more than just technical skill and you will discover more and more subtleties the more often you listen to it. As I was searching for interpretations of the piece on youtube, I came across this incredible performance by Japanese pianist Aimi Koyabashi at the age of only 7 – she won a competition for young pianists up to age 14 with this performance, no wonder! I am incredibly impressed how she nailed this piece and I like her interpretation more than any! I have seen many performances of child piano prodigies (including Ariel Lanyi and Aristo Sham), but for me nothing compares to this. Have a look!

I wish I knew what her story is – who are her parents? How did she get started? The only information I found in the English press is that she started at age 3.

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