Many parents worry about academic performance of their children, viewing it as a competition against peers. They worry about global competition in maths and sciences, about the amount of hours a child can study to compete for the top schools and future universities. Not all parents are like that of course, but I see an […]

Akiane Kramarik | CONVERSATIONS AT KCTS 9 Let me add I am somewhat sceptical of the parents’ version of the story (especially the religious visions)! If you have read books like Outliers or Talent is Overrated, your alarm bells should go ringing when a self-taught visionary genius is announced (especially as there is a family […]

Child Genius, Series 3 Unfortunately, Child Genius, Series 1 and Child Genius, Series 2 are not available on the Channel 4 website.  You will find some of the older clips on From a journalistic standpoint, I can’t recommend the documentary – the questions the journalist asks the children are quite shallow and boring and they really […]

In this fantastic documentary, Channel 4 follows former musical child prodigy Alexander Prior, who is now a young composer and conductor, travel through the US and China to find great young musical prodigies to perform his composition in England. In Episode 1, Alex travels to Miami and meets outstanding young violinists and cellists. The World’s […]